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Item #:2012-allenandginter-box


The product with a surprise in every pack is back with even more exciting discoveries to be made with each rip; this time with retired greats from throughout MLB history! 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball promises all the greatest MLB stars, as well as champions from all across the world of sports. With 3 hits per box - including autograph cards, relic cards, cut signatures, original Allen & Ginter cards, and Rip cards - along with the unexpected hits you've come to expect, 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball continues to deliver!

BASE CARDS: * NEW! Retired Stars! 350 veterans, rookies, retired stars, public figures, and non-baseball champions. The last 50 card numbers are short-printed and inserted 1:2 packs.

MINI PARALLEL CARDS: - Mini Parallel Original-sized version of the base cards. - Allen & Ginter Back Featuring a new Allen & Ginter-logo back. - Allen & Ginter Black-Bordered - Allen & Ginter No Number Limited to 50. - Allen & Ginter Baseball Back Featuring a specially created Allen & Ginter-logo back and hand-numbered to 25. - Allen & Ginter Wood Hand-numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY - Printing Plates Featuring all four plates used to print every mini parallel and mini exclusive card. Framed and numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY - Allen & Ginter Cloth Cards A partial parallel featuring 150 base cards printed on cloth and framed. Sequentially numbered to 10. HOBBY ONLY

RELIC CARDS: * Allen & Ginter Relics Framed mini cards featuring relics from over 50 MLB superstars, both active and retired, and all the other non-baseball athletes and champions. * Allen & Ginter DNA Relics 10 framed mini cards including a strand of hair from a historical figure. Numbered 1 of 1. * Lepidoptery Cards An exciting, never-before-seen type of card! These hand-crafted cards will each feature a full, pressed butterfly in an exquisite window-box-style card. These cards will be inserted into packs as redemptions and numbered. HOBBY ONLY * Allen & Ginter Book Cards 25 book cards featuring players and two autographs, two relics, or an autograph and a relic. Numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY * Allen & Ginter Framed Originals 100 framed original Allen & Ginter buybacks. Numbered 1 of 1. HOBBY ONLY

AUTOGRAPH CARDS: * Allen & Ginter Autographs Framed mini cards featuring on-card autographs from over 30 MLB superstars, both active and retired, and all the other non-baseball athletes and champions. * Cut Signatures 20 cards featuring cut signatures of political and historical figures. Numbered 1 of 1.

RIP CARDS (1 per case): 100 cards featuring active and retired MLB stars, numbered and HOBBY ONLY. Keep it or RIP it? The choice is yours. If you rip it, inside you may find: * Allen & Ginter Originals 30 actual, original, 1-of-1 paintings on a mini card and only found in Rip Cards. * Allen & Ginter Red Autographs On-card autographs from many of the Allen & Ginter Framed autograph subjects, signed in red and hand-numbered in red to 10. * Allen & Ginter Mini Exclusives 50 cards numbered 351-400 and found only in Rip Cards, these are mini-card variations of players' base cards. * Allen & Ginter Mini Wood Exclusives A wood parallel of the mini exclusives. Numbered 1 of 1. * Rip Card Reserve 25 redemption cards for prizes, such as an autographed jersey or bat!

FULL SIZED INSERT CARDS: * What's in a Name? 100 cards featuring baseball players from the past and present. Inserted 1:2 packs. * Historical Turning Points 20 cards featuring great battles, speeches, and decisions that have helped determine the course of civilization. Inserted 1:10 packs. * You've Gotta Be Kidding Me! 15 cards telling some of the most unbelievable tales from history. Inserted 1:10 packs. * World's Tallest Buildings 10 cards celebrating the most impressive edifices in the world. Inserted 1:10 packs. * Baseball Highlights Sketches 25 cards featuring reproductions of original, commissioned sketches showing some of the greatest baseball highlights of the year. Inserted 1:10 packs. * Colony in a Card This amazing, groundbreaking new type of card can be busted open and, when combined with water, will sprout a living, breathing colony to enjoy! 1 per case.

MINI INSERT CARDS: (Overall insertion rate for mini inserts is 1:5 packs). * People of the Bible 15 cards featuring some of the most important figures from the Bible. * Man's Best Friend 20 cards celebrating some of the most popular breeds of man's most popular companion. * World's Greatest Military Leaders 20 cards featuring the greatest military leaders in history. * Giants of the Deep 15 cards featuring various species of whale. * Musical Masters 16 musically minded cards featuring famous composers from throughout history. * Culinary Curiosities 10 cards highlighting some of the oddest dishes and most bizarre delicacies from around the world.

BOX LOADERS (Hobby Only - 1 per box) * N43 Box Loader 15 cards styled after the original N43 card and in the original size, featuring baseball players. * N43 Box Loader Relic 10 of the above cards with a relic piece and hand-numbered to 25. * N43 Box Loader Autograph 10 of the above cards with an on-card autograph and hand-numbered to 15. * N43 Box Loader Autographed Relic 5 of the above cards with an on-card autograph, a relic piece, and hand-numbered to 5. * N43 Artifacts Box Loader 5 cards featuring real relics from civilizations of days past. Numbered. * Baseball Highlight Cabinet Box Loaders 5 cabinet-card-sized box loaders will feature a 2011 baseball highlight with superimposed mini cards of the players involved in the highlight. * Rollercoaster Cabinet Box Loaders 5 Cabinet-card-sized box loaders featuring some of the most famous, fearsome rollercoasters from around the world. * Cabinet Relics 10 cabinet-card-sized box loaders featuring relics you can't find anywhere else - full jersey pieces featuring player's names or numbers. Numbered 1 of 1. * Currency of the World Cabinet Relic Box Loaders 30 cabinet-sized cards featuring an embedded coin from countries around the world. Numbered to 50.

THE GINTER CODE: Be sure to keep an eye out for the Ginter Code. It will return, but in an all-new, surprising, engaging, and accessible format! The first one to crack the code will win a complete set of Framed Allen & Ginter Autograph Subjects!

- Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball returns with all the fun you've come to expect, from baseball and beyond! This year, with retired MLB® stars, Lepidoptery Cards featuring actual butterflies, the unique Colony in a Card allowing collectors to create their own ecosystem, and artifacts and currency from around the world, 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball steps up its game and delivers like never before!

24 packs of seven (7) '12 Allen & Ginter BB Base Cards; and one (1) Allen & Ginter Mini Parallel Cards. A Ginter Code Promo Card is added to every 6th pack as an additional card.